Our core objective is to generate consistent income returns for shareholders through active management of our commercial real estate portfolio.

Sustainability has been a central consideration in achieving our core objectives and is integral to our active portfolio management.

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Social Initiatives

IPUT has a clear and longstanding objective to support the social and cultural fabric of Dublin City. IPUT’s sustainability policy requires us to manage the impacts of our business activities on the environment and the communities within which we operate.

In this regard IPUT strives to have a positive impact through building relationships with our neighbours, supporting cultural activities, including the arts and enhancing the built environment where our assets are located:
Sponsorship of the Freemasons Young Musician of the Year.
Supporting the Irish Architectural Archive, an independent entity which collects and preserves the records of Irish Architecture.
Development and maintenance of the publicrealm, specifically, where they are associated with IPUT assets.
Support for the arts by commissioning artwork for display in key IPUT assets in Dublin, providing valuable exposure for independent local artists.