1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2

IPUT has invested in developing a sustainability data programme to coordinate and drive sustainability improvements across all managed sites. This data programme includes a suite of routine reporting which engages site technical teams, helping them make sustainability improvements. The monitoring allows year on year trends to be reviewed and improved upon.

The reports are used in discussions with managing agents, facilities management and other technical teams to focus on where improvements can be made. At 1 Grand Canal Square, this reporting informed a discussion about the chillers on site, highlighting the energy improvements of a chiller upgrade.

The outcome at 1 Grand Canal Square is a better understanding of the links between specific energy reduction activities and the resulting cost savings. Following more informed and targeted technical improvements over the past 12 months IPUT was able to reduce costs by 17% saving over €24,000. Rolling this out across the portfolio, will lead to reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, as well as cost savings and improved site management.

-17% Reduction in energy use
€24,000 cost saving

10 molesworth street, dublin 2

Molesworth Street will demonstrate to the Dublin market the value and quality of sustainable buildings. This building will be the first new build LEED Platinum office building in the Irish market.

Features within the building include a green roof and plant which is designed to improve the quality and premium feel of the building and workspace, while cleaning the air and providing contact with nature. The specification of materials in the building is designed to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds that affect the building’s inhabitants and support the wellbeing and productivity of tenant occupiers.

Water consumption will also be minimised through the use rainwater harvesting technologies and installation of low flow sanitary fixtures.

In order to mitigate a ‘Performance Gap’ between the design and operational phase of the building IPUT has ensured that the design team remain involved after practical completion of the building. This soft landings approach will help fine-tune the systems and ensure occupants and building management understand how to operate the building to its optimum.

The building is well positioned in Dublin’s CBD, and takes advantage of bicycle racks and excellent public transport links.