In our role as client
In ensuring that our designers manage risk throughout the design process
In dictating safety expectations for our contractors to build safely
In creating a safe built environment that can be used and maintained safely

Safety First

Having a belief does not in itself deliver a safe project. Accordingly, we have a clear expectation document that sets out our vision for our designers and contractors. Our Project Managers demonstrate visible safety leadership in bringing our vision to life across all projects.

Safety begins by ensuring that we have selected the right designer and contractor. We maintain a rigorous approach to assessing competency and tracking safety performance online.

We provide online design risk management tools to simplify the process for designers and to provide greater transparency and communication of control measures.

To extend our vision, we encourage contractors to implement a behavioural based safety approach on our projects. This has brought meaningful results, with industry-leading safety performance and visible results on sites.

During construction, our Project Managers actively participate in principal tours and immediate corrective action walk-downs. We focus on worker engagement, identifying safe and at-risk behaviours. We also engage independent safety consultants to assure safety performance on our projects.

We invest in safety initiatives on sites. These range from Golden Month awards (where safety performance exceeds expectations), to individual contractor commendations (where we want to visibly acknowledge exemplar achievements).