Sustainability Strategy & Summary

Our sustainability policy defines our commitment to upholding minimum sustainability standards which are transparent to stakeholders. Our strategy seeks to deliver on the commitments in the policy, laying out a structure of governance and processes which will be followed by IPUT and our supporting agents.

Sustainability has been a central consideration in achieving our core objectives. As we celebrate our 50 year anniversary in 2017, our sustainability programme will help ensure that we remain a market leader in the supply and management of high quality commercial real estate.

Strategy Summary

Our commitment towards continual improvement in sustainability performance is realised through the following core areas:

1 Complying with all relevant legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe related to our energy use and consumption.
2 Where possible and financially feasible, attaining the highest standards of energy efficiency in all new property developments and refurbishment projects.
3 Supporting the purchase of energy efficient products and services as part of good estate management of our properties.
4 Setting and reviewing energy objectives and targets, within the framework of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.
5 Benchmarking our emissions performance and energy efficiency to other real estate investment funds across the world and in doing so striving to ensure we continually meet best practice.